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Solution/2000 is a software package that integrates Property Management, HUD, Accounting and other required functions into one product. Our Solution/2000 software has been designed to meet the requirements of small to mid-sized companies. Our full-featured user-friendly software handles the complete range of management systems including accounting, property management, HUD tracking, work orders and inventory. Since our software is modular in design, it has the ability to grow along with your needs.

The following is a list software modules offered by SFISolutions:

Financial Reporting
Property Management
Property Maintenance
Fuel Consumption

Financial Reporting

Our strong financial reporting capability is the backbone of our system. All financial aspects are contained including, general ledger, accounts payable, payroll and accounts receivable. This well thought out system has evolved after many years of design and review by numerous accounting firms. Our software provides a comprehensive audit trail and in depth reporting capabilities. All information is integrated into each of our modules.

General Ledger

The Solution/2000 software integrates all accounting, property management, and financial information into the General Ledger. This results in an extremely powerful reporting tool that enables you to leverage extensive financial control over your assets. Our files are structured so that reports can be produced on demand from any previous accounting period.

Additional Features:
Maintain an unlimited number of companies
On demand cash balance reporting
Cash Flow & Profit/Loss reporting
Excel spreadsheet interface

Accounts Payable

Like all of our financial modules, our Accounts Payable module is fully integrated in all aspects of the system. Designed to be an on-line voucher system, each voucher or check is coded with the proper account number for the General Ledger. Through our innovative design, on-line inquiry functions can search transaction histories for multiple years. Overpayments will become a thing of the past because of our automated invoice verification system.

Additional Features:
Vendor history & expense analysis reports
Bank Reconciliations
Inter-company transactions
1099 laser Forms & IRS electronic transmissions
MICR laser checks


Our comprehensive payroll package maintains a complete history file for all employees. All required payroll forms from MICR Laser payroll checks to year end W2 forms are produced. All state and federally required information is maintained by the system.

Additional Features:
Payroll distributions by building
Quarterly & annual laser tax forms
MICR payroll checks & Direct Deposit
Union & Pension Reporting
Time Clock Interface

Accounts Receivable

Like all of our financial modules, the Account Receivable module is fully integrated into our system. All invoices and receipts are always coded with the proper account number for the General Ledger. This on-line invoice system automatically produces recurring invoices as well as calculates interest and amortization. Our Inquiry function allows you to check balances, outstanding invoices and multiple year histories for each customer.

Additional Features:
Aged Receivable Reports
Inter-company Transactions
Customer Billing & Invoicing
Customer history & Income analysis reports

Fixed Assets

This module allows you to keep track of your fixed assets. It provides a detailed record of all assets starting from the time of initial purchase to its final depreciation. All collateral information, such as, purchase price, date of purchase, depreciation method, warranties and actual location will be presented in an easy to read report. Our depreciation schedule can then automatically generate all recurring General Ledger depreciation entries.

Additional Features:
Fixed Asset Database
Depreciation Tables
Depreciation Adjustments
Recurring depreciation entries

Property Management

In managing apartments, condominiums, cooperatives and multifamily dwellings, our Property Management module gives the user an easy-to-use system with full functionality. This module will produce an immediate return on investment by it's automated features and time saving functions. This system can support both commercial and residential properties simultaneously even if they use different accounting systems.

Additional Features:
Extensive tenant database
Multiple year tenant histories
Gross Rent potential reconciliation
Rent Roll and Arrears Reporting
Laser Rent Bills & Lockbox processing
Critical dates & Vacancy reporting
Security Reporting & Reconciliation
Late Charges & Notices
Parking Lot Control
Co-op mortgage processing

HUD Processing

Our Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) module assists you in complying with HUD, DHCR, and HDC reporting requirements. Numerous different types of government subsidies are supported, such as HUD Section 8, RAP & PRAC, DHCR & NYCHA Section 8 vouchers and Mitchell-Lama Surcharges.

Our HUD module is fully TRACS compliant, including the newest revisions. Our experience also includes working contract administrators, supplying them with the necessary TRACS data. We also work directly with our clients to make sure that all data is properly transmitted to insure proper payment.

Additional Features:
TRACS compliant Software
Utility Refunds
Full HUD Database
Tenant Status Reports
Tenant Notices
Lease Extensions
Recertification Tools and Procedures
Michell-Lama Surcharges
HUD, DHCR account numbering
Extensive Reporting Capabilities
Year 2000 Compliant
Rent Stabilization Lease Renewals
Full integration with our other modules

Property Maintenance

This comprehensive module ties work orders, inventory and purchase requisitions into one neatly integrated package. It insures the continuity between required inventory for a work order and the automated replenishment of safe stock levels. As a result, overbuying or out-of-stock conditions will be eliminated.

Work Orders

All work order forms will be tracked from the time of inception to final completion. Materials and labor costs associated with each other will be saved in the system. When requested, a unit history record can be viewed to determine any recovering problems or problems that might expand into the dwellings. Once closed, the system will automatically bill the proper project & tenant.


Keeping management informed on inventory levels is accomplished by our inventory status report. The accuracy of this system is ensured by out utilization of bar code labels being scanned by our laser data terminals. This methodology allows for a comprehensive reporting system including low balance reports.

Purchase Orders & Requisitions

This portion of the Property Maintenance module serves as the purchase order management system. All regulations are processed providing they have received authorization. Once approved, a purchase order is issued and sent the the appropriate vendor. All open purchase orders are tracked until they are completed. Finally, your inventory is updated and reports are generated.

Apartment Restorations

In an effort to document all events involved in restoring an apartment, we have developed this module. It will keep track of all inspections and related work history. In the event a repair is required, all work will be stored in the Repairs database. Purchase order requisitions, purchase orders, and work orders form an integrated part of this module. The latest data collection devices are utilized to maintain the data integrity.



Our legal module is a comprehensive module that tracks all legal notices and their descriptions. When a disposition is issued to a tenant, a legal case file is opened. All events and corresponding dates are recorded in this case file. Any legal proceeding that a court renders can be entered into this file along with anticipated follow-up dates. This will ensure that a court's rendering is followed.

Additional Features:
Tenant Legal Status
Court Calendars
Court Stipulations
Lockbox Stop File

Fuel Consumption

This specialized module keeps track off all fuel consumed by location. Each property is analyzed and a comprehensive report is generated displaying a detailed history of consumption. Various types of usage are tracked by this module including electricity, gas, oil, water, and steam.

Additional Features:
Separate Fuel Account Database
Usage Tracking by Location
Fuel Consumption History